We offer our consultation services for each individual component of a design or as a whole complete design system. Our designers work closely with each client to address their individual needs, budget, available resources and preferred style. We understand that each and every project is unique and has a specific framework of needs and issues which our designs must both address and take advantage of, in order to realise them.


Our Consultancy and designs can help you to discover the potential to save energy and money, as well as fresh opportunities. Additionally, consultancy may reveal pre-existing problems and limitations within the site, giving you a better understanding of the land and better ways to develop it. This will allow the client to reduce and minimise project costs, whilst also saving time and managing resources efficiently.


Permaculture Consultancy Includes:

  • Site visit
  • Interaction and briefing with client
  • Land and potential energies assessment
  • A summary report with basic sketches and mapping of sit


Permaculture Design:

  • Complete design, illustrations and mapping
  • Full report on implementation, maintenance and establishment
  • Timeline of implementation, maintenance and establishment
  • Relevant assessments and analysis


Design Implementation & Maintenance:

  • Organising physical implementation of work on site
  • Maintenance plan