As a permaculture design company we use ecological methods to create spaces which are beneficially functioning ecosystems whilst also looking beautiful. Our aim is to create and regenerate spaces, which may then inspire people to be more ecologically aware, in turn leading to healthier lifestyles within their own communities and benefiting the environment.


We offer services in consultancy, design, application & maintenance of permaculture, landscape and restoration projects. We are available for a variety of different size land projects – from small-scale gardens to larger-scale land restoration projects which can include; public, residential and commercial land areas.


We use simple but effective low cost techniques to transition and also restore areas into ecologically functioning systems whilst having an aesthetic appeal. We understand that each and every project is unique and has a specific framework of needs and issues which our designs must both address and take advantage of in order to realise them.


The use of permaculture techniques and more ecologically aware practices can bring great benefits. The various types of spaces and situations have site specific benefits, but for many projects, permaculture can create spaces which attract people to them for a variety of reasons. They provide multifunctional spaces which can be beneficial for businesses as they provide opportunities for diversity of incomes. These may span tourism, hospitality, education and leisure sectors.


We believe that by investing in permaculture we can restore vitality and life in the soil which can create ecological harmony for the Earth, as well as ourselves. This may offer solutions to many of the current issues that the planet is now facing.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our project and philosophy.